T.M - Ranana

...."Indeed I will always be indebted to Adina for the help and advice she gave me during a particularly difficult period of my life some years ago. She has an extraordinary ability to listen and quickly understand situations and, in my case, to bring a different and constructive viewpoint to bear. I firmly believe that her ‘counseling’ was a major factor in helping me to see myself and my position in a clearer light and to enable me to return to a normal life.

I can also confirm that Adina has an amazing skill as a Graphologist. She has helped both my children to find a suitable direction in life by a combination of an interpretation of their handwriting and her intuitive psychological approach to advising them.

On a personal level Adina is a deeply caring person with great integrity, honesty and determination, who touches everyone who meets her.

I would be perfectly happy for anyone to contact me further in this connection."

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